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Linear Ceiling

atas-linear-ceiling-th.jpgLinear Ceiling is a system comprised of a suspended or positive fastened carriers with metal panels snapped into place within the carrier.  Panels are available in varied widths of 4”, 8” and 12” wide modules.  The use of filler strips provide either a flush or revealed appearance.  Filler strips can be removed to provide ventilation within the system or panel can be perforated or louvered if desired.

System features include:
  • 31 PVDF painted colors
  • 4 wood grain exterior grade laminated patterns
  • Mirrored finishes for use in both external and interior applications
  • Clear and Dark Bronze Anodized
  • Custom lengths available
Varied panel widths can be combined to create unique and dramatic sight lines.

Aluminum substrates provide a natural barrier against rust and corrosion and do not contain any compounds that can support organic growth.