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J Channel and Snap J

J-Channel-Snap-J.jpgThe Snap J channel is another innovative product from the metal industry leader ATAS international.   This product can be faced mounted with our concealed systems.  The Snap J is very beneficial for jobs with many windows and doors.   This can be a labor savings for the owner and save on time for the installers. 
J Channel Information
  • Flashing used for edge treatment around doors, windows or edge of metal panels on walls material
  •  J Channel is typically made of the same gauge as panels in 12’ lengths
Snap J Benefits
  • Allows proper/tighter fitting of panels between fixed points without allowing pockets
  • Face mount installation simplified
  • Base piece is installed first
  • Install the cover at any point after
  • Aids in large wall panel installations
  • Standard material is .032 aluminum
  • .040 aluminum available dependent upon project