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ISO Certification and Mission Statement

ISO-ATAS-Mission-Statement-Quality-Policy-(1).jpgATAS International, Inc (“ATAS”) is committed to providing our customers with quality, innovative products that satisfy the industry’s diverse needs while continuing to offer value added education and training to both employees and customers.
Quality Policy
  • Quality - Ensure that products comply with quality standards, meet customer expectations and are appropriate for the intended application
  • Customer Satisfaction - Provide services before, during and after the sale that meet customer expectations
  • Diversification  -  Maintain a diversified mix of products, services, and customers
  • Education  - Engage ATAS resources to educate employees and the industry
  • Profitability -  Pursue business practices that promote a positive return on investment for our customers and ATAS
ISO Certification
ATAS is currently registered as ISO 9001:2008 with Design and transitioning to 9001:2015 with Design
What does ‘with Design’ mean?
This special designation means that ATAS International, Inc. has the ability to take a customer's need or idea through the stages of design & development - thus creating solutions to meet those needs. Whether the need is for special clips or panels, we have the ability help our customers better serve their customers.