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Industry Training for Metal Panel Installation

atas-industry-training-th.jpgATAS International, Inc. supports industry training for metal panel installation. Industry training is important for many reasons.
  • Industry is experiencing a lack of trained & qualified personnel
  • Training prepared by manufacturers who understand total system & performance requirements
  • Valuable marketing tool used by contractors to their customers
  • During high wind & extreme rain/snow events, installation errors are common causes for product performance failures

ATAS offers customers industry training pertaining to our products
  • Two-day seminar (in-plant)
  • Metal & coating systems
  • Addressing the products
  • Sales techniques
  • Installation practices

There are many resources to aid in industry training such as:
  • MCA
    • Metal Roof Installation Manual
    • Free on-line download of course materials
    • On-line exam available
  • MRA
    • Contractors tool box
    • Primarily sales driven training
    • Concentrates on basic sheet metal design
    • Prepared by contractors
  • MBMA
    • Prepared by pre-engineered building community
  • NRCA
    • Concentrates on basic design & waterproofing principles
    • Prepared by contractors