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Emerging PVDF Coating Technology

Emerging-Paint-Technologies.jpgWhy is Paint Used?
  • Paint systems are used on metal building panels to offer aesthetic value and to increase corrosion resistance of the aluminum and steel base material
  • Metallic coatings are used on steel to increase corrosion resistance as well as the paint coating system
  • Paint system creates an additional physical barrier in the coating system (primarily within the primer system)
  • Corrosion cannot be prevented only delayed through the use of appropriate anti-corrosion materials
Current Situation
  • Current paint technologies may affect building programs such as LEED V4, Red List Compliance, Living Building Challenge as well as many others
How do we determine fit of use for this emerging coating technology?
  • Evaluate substrate
  • Metallic coating and weights
  • Cleaning and pretreatment
  • Primer and top coat
  • End use
  • Environment
    • Environment plays a key role
High Corrosivity Area Material Recommendations
  • Aluminum substrates with either current paint technology or if chrome free is required, aluminum is an acceptable material
  • Non-ocean front/salt spray locations galvalume with high build paint systems (thick primer) may be an option
    • Contact ATAS
  • Aluminum!!!