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Delegated Design and Code Compliance

Delegated Design Defined:
  • Delegated design is the act of the Architect assigning design responsibility to the Contractor for one or more specialty scopes of the work for the construction of a project
Typical Roles:
  • The typical role of the Architect is to design and detail the project from a functional and aesthetic standpoint
  • The typical role of the Contractor is to build the project and be able to rely on the accuracy of the design developed by the Architect
Why Use Delegated Design:
  • Construction assemblies have become more complex with specialized components that have made it more difficult for the Architect to be the traditional “Master Builder” and assume responsibility for the entire project
  • By delegating a specific scope of work it puts that responsibility on the contractor
  • Architects may be aware of the new design standards but may have limited experience with how to address specific requirements
  • Since the Architect is responsible for all aspects of the project they may need to rely on the expertise of the contractor and / or manufacturer to execute the design
Codes and Delegated Design:
  • Code compliance can play a factor in delegated design
  • When reviewing specifications, it is important to analyze the testing criteria and evaluate shop drawings and/or engineering to be sure the specific requirements are achieved
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