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Credit Processing

Evaluating the credit worthiness of our customers is an important task and one that the ATAS Credit Department handles with ease. They go beyond reviewing the initial credit application and credit report. Successful credit management requires ongoing monitoring and maintenance - the health of a business can change quickly.

New Accounts
  • The customer receives a credit application directly from the Credit Manager
  • Sales staff will call or e-mail the Credit Manager with the new account’s company name, address, phone number and e-mail of account’s contact
  • Credit investigation begins within 24 hours of receiving the credit application
  • Allow a minimum of three days to process the application

Existing Customers
  • Accounts are continuously monitored
  • If delinquent on payment, account will be put on credit hold until resolved
  • The account and sales staff will be notified if put on hold

Special Scenarios
  • Partial billing
  • Advanced billing
  • Down payment
  • Pre-payment
  • Bonded job

The Credit Department is here to help you. The department never says no. They say yes, but how? Keeping the Credit Department informed can prevent road blocks.