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Continuous Insulation

atas-continuous-insulation-(1).jpgContinuous insulation is insulation that is continuous across all structural members without thermal bridges other than fasteners and thermal openings.  Thermal bridging occurs when a more conductive, or poorly insulating material, allows an easy pathway for heat flow across a thermal barrier. 

ASHRAE Standard 90.1 is the required basis for nearly all energy codes and is pushing several paths to thermal compliance via the use of continuous insulation.

In order to prevent heat energy loss that can lead to escalating operating costs, the use of an ATAS exterior cladding system that incorporates continuous insulation can be achieved by a few different possible solutions:
  • ATAS Insulated Metal Panels, Isoleren, come in varying thicknesses, colors and profiles that can provide both the protection of metal and the continuous insulating value desired in ONE panel for both roof and wall systems.
  • A Two Stage Method of Weatherproofing utilizing ATAS metal wall panels over continuous rigid insulation, an air/water barrier and gypsum wall boards can provide an attractive and cost effective exterior wall cladding versus using other types of materials.
  • Architectural or Structural Metal Roof Systems can be installed over solid substrates with staggered rigid insulation, appropriate air/water barrier; or blanket insulation can be draped over open framing, seams taped, thermal spacers installed and banding as well as fabric liner put in place to secure any insulation that is installed between the purlins.
When constructing a new building or remodeling an existing facility, contact ATAS to assist with designing an energy saving exterior cladding system that incorporates continuous insulation utilizing ATAS’ metal products.