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Color Retention of Metal Paint Systems

color-retention-fade-chalk-gloss-metal-paint-systems-(1).jpgATAS International, Inc. offers metal paint systems that provide the best solution for gloss retention and minimum chalk and fade on your facilities:
  • When exposed to sunlight, humidity, urban grime, acid rain, chemicals, salt, abrasion, and lower quality system ingredients paints will fade over time, some more than others.
  • PVDF offers the best fade resistance than any other metal paint finish.
  • Meets the requirements of the MCA Certified Premium Painted metal finish in PVDF
  • Energy codes are becoming more rigorous with smart builders choosing cool PVDF based pre-painted metal walls and roofs to increase energy efficiency and sustainability.
  • Cool metal roofs can reduce costs for the building owner and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.
  • With PVDF’s advanced resistance to UV degradation and maintaining solar reflectance, less heat is transferred into the building, ambient air temperatures are reduced, air quality is improved, and the urban heat island effect is limited.
  • Investigate and choose the metal paint system that meets your color retention need for aesthetics, cost and sustainability.