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Butyl Sealant Tape

butyl-sealant-tape-th.jpgA quality metal roof and wall system by ATAS International, Inc. involves more than just the visible panels, it is also comprised of quality internal components that are integral to the long-term performance of the system.

One of those quality internal components is ATAS’ butyl sealant tape incorporating spacer cubes.  The spacer cubes help to prevent flattening of the butyl sealant tape during system installation. They maintain their seal during the movement of the metal roof or wall system through expansion and contraction.  Standard butyl sealant tape has no spacer cubes and tends to migrate out under these conditions.

For an additional one to two pennies per square foot, using our butyl sealant tape, you have the ability to potentially double the service life of your metal roof system. Don’t just settle for standard butyl sealant tape in your next metal roof or wall system, demand ATAS’ quality total system approach including butyl sealant tape with spacer cubes for optimal system performance.