Brite Red

atas-brite-red-th-(2).jpgATAS International offers Brite Red as a premium paint finish on our products.  Due to the vivid color and pigmentation required of Brite Red, and to minimize chalk and fading, there is a protective clear coat which is applied over the paint finish.

This three coat paint finish system consists of our two coat superior finish system with an added .6 mil clear PVDF based top coat applied in a separate pass on the coating line.  This additional layer of a clear fluoropolymer coating is designed to enhance the color retention, particularly when deeper, more vibrant colors are being considered, such as Brite Red.  The overall finish system thickness is 1.6 mil.

These photos of a building show what can happen when a standard two coat paint finish system is used with a vivid color.  You can see where signage had been removed and how the replacement panels are a brighter red than those faded panels surrounding it.

Wall application is shown.  Roofs receive a higher amount of UV and the noted color change typically is greater in a roofing condition.