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ATAS Panels Used on Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

PEMB-pre-engineered-metal-buildings.jpgWhere does ATAS Fit with PEMB?
  • To give more aesthetic options to the design team, including the owner and architect.
  • In coastal areas where steel is not acceptable. The PEMB , steel structure is fine in conjunction with aluminum; copper; zinc substrates.  ATAS offers the perfect solution for the entire exterior envelope.
PEMB Today
Common PEMB applications:
  • Churches
  • Offices 
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouses 
  • And more
  • The use of conventional materials such as brick and mortar, and precast opens the door for our product line to increase aesthetic appeal for the structure.
  • Use of secondary framing, is a great way to retrofit an existing project. 
  • Project conditions may require additional framing or substrate materials.
ATAS has products to assist in completing the building envelope:
  • Isoleren (IMP)
  • InSpire (Solar air heating)
  • Soffit
  • Laminate Finish
  • Material options