August 1, 2022

ATAS can custom fabricate tapered panels to add aesthetic appeal to any project. Tapering panels in the factory ensures quality and dimensional accuracy, as well as easier installation in the field.

Tapered – to diminish gradually, to become progressively smaller toward one end.

Tapered Panel Product Options

  • Dutch Seam
  • PC System – Standing Seam & Batten Seam
  • 1” Field-Lok
  • 1 1/2” Field-Lok
  • 2” Field-Lok

Project Considerations

  • 26’ max length
    • Longer will require an overlap
  • Leave out at least one panel
    • Suggest they put one leg on at least one panel
  • Stiffening ribs
    • Not available on any profile
  • Snow Guards
    • Vary by panel