Standing Seam Shingle

November 6, 2020

Standing Seam Shingles are elegant in their style and feature a four-way interlock to ensure weathertightness. These panels are installed with concealed fasteners from eave to ridge and over a solid substrate. Transverse seams are staggered to provide a historic standing seam appearance. The metal roof allows for snow and ice to slide off easily, preventing damage from freeze and thaw cycles.


  • Roofs (commercial or residential)
    • Ideal for roofing with a minimum slope of 4:12
  • Walls (commercial or residential)
  • Mansards
  • Soffits

Product Information

  • Panel sizes
    • 16”x36”
    • 16”x60”
  • Choice of over 40 stock colors in .032 aluminum
  • 16 oz. copper*
  • Custom colors and finishes* available
  • Smooth texture
  • Fastened to solid substrate with concealed clips and fasteners

*subject to minimum quantities and extended lead times