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Rigid Wall II Splice & Panel Overlap Detail

January 10, 2020

Rigid Wall II offers a sleek appearance and design solutions for any number of project objectives.

Splice Plate

  • Behind panel
  • ⅛” to ¼” gap
  • Appropriate sealant
  • Neoprene behind splice plate
  • Pop rivets or VHB tape – one side of panel

Note: Same detail used with elite miters

Splice Plate – Open Framing

  • Added framing needed for the splice plate
  • Add neoprene behind the splice plate to keep the face of panel on the same plane
  • Appropriate tube butyl sealant
  • Pop rivet or VHB tape, one side of panel

Recommended: Lapping panels randomly throughout elevations to minimize continuous sight lines

Factory Pre-notching – Open Framing

  • 1” pre-notch on both ends of panel
  • Appropriate tube butyl sealant
  • No pop rivet
  • Neoprene behind splice plate
  • ⅛” to ¼” gap for thermal expansion
  • Requires extra framing
  • Not to be done with .050 aluminum

Note: Contractor must add on the 2” to panel length when doing material cut list

Alternative Option

  • Full length panels
  • Contractor cuts panels in field
  • Eliminates the panel end flare
  • Snap H trim or extrusions
  • Avoids using a splice plate or overlap