Post-Painting Capabilities

Post-painting of metal is when extruded products or products that have been fabricated from unfinished sheet stock are sent to the spray applicator to be finished. Custom color matching is available.

The post painting process consists of three main areas:

  • Pretreatment:
    • Surface preparation
    • Cleaning
  • Paint Application Curing:
    • Typically baked at 450° for a set time
  • Types of Paints Utilized for Post-painting:
    • 70 % PVDF coating
    • Baked enamels
    • Powder coating (environmentally friendly)
    • Air dry systems
  • Post-painting Applications:
    • Roof coping
    • Railings
    • Storefront Shapes
    • Doors
    • Panels
    • Wheels
    • Assorted brake shapes
    • Architectural extrusions