Paint Grip / Pre-primed vs Mill Finish

September 4, 2020

What is paint grip / pre-primed substrate vs mill finish?

Paint grip

  • A trade name for a galvanized steel with a bonderized coating making it ready to paint
  • Advantage / disadvantages
    • Most manufacturers only warrant materials they have painted
    • Ready for immediate painting
    • Improves life expectancy of the paint due to the paint adhesion
    • Regional or project specific application


  • A coil of aluminum or steel that is cleaned, pretreated, and ready to be painted
  • Advantages / disadvantages
    • Pre-primed can be run through the paint line and have two more coats added
    • Primer needs to match manufacturer of that color
    • ATAS may not follow this strategy due to our varied paint suppliers

Mill finish

  • Mill finish is a coil or finished/formed part that needs to be cleaned, primed and then painted
  • Advantages / disadvantages
    • Can be coil coated or post painted
    • Can easily match primers with manufacturers colors
    • Panels must be formed with masking to facilitate forming
    • Best practice is for trims to be bent before post painting