Mix and Match Wall Panel Profiles

September 18, 2020

With the vast product line ATAS offers, you have the ability to mix specific wall panel profiles.

  • Corra-Lok™, Metafor™, Rigid Wall II™ series and Multi-Purpose™ series all share the Wind-Lok® interlocking system which allows for the profiles to be mixed and matched.
  • Design Wall™ series, Opaline™ series and Versa-Seam™ series can be mixed within their own series only.

Why limit your bold color choices to doors and window trims? The walls of your building are an empty canvas waiting to make a statement. With over 40 stock colors to choose from, you can create soft tonal facades, or bold contrasting colors and patterns. ATAS encourages you to explore colors and panel orientations to give your building a style of it’s own.

  • All ATAS profiles can be mixed and matched if separated with trim.
  • You can also achieve the mix and match look by using ATAS profiles in varied widths and colors.