Liquid vs Powder in Post Coating

June 19, 2020

Post coating is the application of a finish to premanufactured parts. Within post coating, there are two major paint systems of focus; Powder and Liquid. Both systems offer added protection and aesthetics.


  • Additives
    • Solvent based


  • Additives
    • Resins, pigments, and binders are encapsulated together in dry form which results in removing solvents all together

Similar Components

  • Weatherability
  • Strength
  • Color retention

American Architectural Metals Association (AAMA)*

  • Baseline for performance
    • Specs in place
      • AAMA 2603
      • AAMA 2604
      • AAMA 2605
        • Assists consumer in proper coating selection for their needs

*Note: New Organization