Custom Capabilities

June 11, 2021
ATAS International, Inc. has become a leading industry manufacturer for many reasons. Custom capabilities is just one of them. Utilizing our sister company, BRIGHTSMITH, and its two coating facilities, along with the vast knowledge from our employees, we have the ability to customize products to the customers’ specific needs with ease.


Custom Products and Services

  • Roofing and siding profiles and shapes
  • Trims and accessories including a diverse selection of rainware
  • Awnings, sunshades, louvers and equipment screens
  • Interior ceilings, wall panels, and flashings
  • Custom paint color and print matching
  • Perforating and venting on panels and trim
  • Project specific specifications, shop drawings and submittals
  • Roll coating custom colors, paint and laminated prints, slitting, stenciling and embossing
  • Post-Painting of roof copings, railings, store fronts, doors, panels, brake shapes and extrusions


What is needed from the customer?

  • Complete product details including:
    • Drawing
    • Measurements
    • Pictures
    • Material requirements
    • Colors
    • Samples
    • Quantities
    • Delivery expectations