Corner Design in Wall Applications

April 12, 2019

Corners (outside & inside) provide an aesthetically pleasing way of protecting the wall panels from the effects of wind and water. They can either be used to accent the project or blend in to the wall panels seamlessly.Corner Design Options for Outside/Inside Corners

  • Traditional Corner Post
  • Exposed Fastened Corner Post
  • Mitered Corner
  • Hairline Corner
  • Specialty Corner Designs

Traditional Corner Post

  • Quick installation
  • Allows installer ability to plumb corner if framing is off
  • Custom lengths (12’ standard)
  • Can be pre-notched for clean easy overlap
  • Contrasting colors can be used to accent panels

Exposed Fastener Corner Post

  • Quick and simple installation
  • Custom lengths (12’ standard)
  • Contrasting colors can be used to accent panels

Mitered Corner

  • Clean appearance
  • For best results, it is suggested to have a skilled installer
  • Factory fabricated

Hairline Corner

  • Clean appearance like mitered corner
  • Economical option to fabricated mitered corner