Belvedere 7.2” Rib Panel

July 31, 2020

Belvedere™ 7.2″ Rib wall panels are structural in nature and can be installed either on solid substrate or open framing. It is a structural wall panel that offers design freedom for all types of buildings. This panel can be installed vertically or horizontally with exposed fasteners.


  • One of the most cost-effective panel profiles produced by ATAS
  • Typically known in the industry as the 7.2” Rib
  • Adaptable
    • Curved along longitudinal axis
    • Crimp curved
    • Perforated
    • Wide selection of metals and gauges
    • Ability to mix and match colors
  • Florida Building Product Approved
  • Manufactured in Allentown, PA and Mesa, AZ
    • Mesa, AZ utilizes air gap at overlap to reduce siphoning
    • Allentown, PA utilizes an anti-siphoning groove