Backside Coating Requirements

February 7, 2020

Purpose of Backside Coating

  • Finish side protection
    • Backside coating must be compatible with top side coating
    • Protection during coiling stages when exiting the paint line
    • Protection during
      • Recoiling
      • Slitting process
      • Sheet stock storage
  • Lubrication
    • Paint finish on top side and backside acts as lubrication
    • Offers protection to
      • Slitter
      • Roll former
      • Gives traction to push or pull material through rollers
      • Tooling
      • Easier handling and sliding of material
  • Corrosion resistance to base metal
  • Dissimilar metal protection
    • Backside coating acts as a barrier between the panel and the framing

What is backside coating?

  • Primer with a back coat
    • Off-white/light gray
  • Notify custom if project has backside coating exposed there maybe a color variance to top side coating

Backside Coatings on other substrates

  • Plastisol on zinc
  • Epoxy on metal composite materials (MCM) & insulated metal panels (IMP)
  • 70% PVDF
    • May be offered on both sides due to
      • Visibility of backside coating
      • Exposed to outside environment
      • If project requires warranty on both sides