ATAS Sealants Offered for Metal Roof and Wall Cladding

March 8, 2019

Below are the panel seam interlock sealants offered by ATAS.

Acryl-R SM5430

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Remains soft/tacky (non-skinning, non-hardening)
  • Engineered for cold storage type applications
  • Sealant fully engages within panel seam connection
  • Long storage life in field prior to panel installation

Butyl Sealant Tape

  • DEVAN High Performance with Spacer Cubes
    • Easily worked
    • Retains adhesion and elasticity in both cold and hot environments
    • Outstanding webbing and elongation properties
    • Prevents bottoming out of sealant under compression
  • Tube Sealant
    • Geocel 2300 Tripolymer Sealant
    • Excellent elongation and flexibility
    • Excellent adhesion to many building surfaces
    • Easily worked
    • Formulation of polymers to provide optimum flexibility, adhesion, weather resistance and life expectancy
    • Does not contain Plasticizer (Plasticizer can cause hardening of sealant over time)

ATAS Does Not Offered Any Version of Colored Sealants For Single Skin Metal Roof or Wall Application

  • If colored sealant is needed it is being used for the wrong purposes and putting a band-aid on a problem area. Colored sealants may be and are used for wet joint wall panel applications