Advanta® Shingle

November 5, 2021

Advanta®, a dimensional metal shingle, is easily installed horizontally from eave to ridge with concealed fasteners. The metal shingle has prepunched direct fastening points with a four-way interlock for weathertightness. It is lightweight, allowing for installation over an existing roof without the need for tear-off and disposal*. Typical applications for Advanta® are roofs on either commercial or residential buildings. It also is suitable for walls and mansards.

Material: 29 ga. metallic coated steel
Shingle Size: 12” x 36” net coverage
Texture: Stucco Embossed
Finish: High-performance
8 Stock Colors:
Bone White, Char Brown, Forest Green, Mission Red, Rocky Grey, Redwood, Sierra Tan, Slate Grey 9 Advanta Variegated Colors: Asheland Slate, Baja Slate, Quarry Slate, Willow Slate, Beech Tree, Deep Granite, Rocky Cliff, Shaded Spruce, Weathered Stone
A complete line of trims available in matching colors, gauge, and finish or as specified
Fasteners: Concealed
Minimum Slope: 3:12
Florida Building Product Approval: FL 2905.1
Intertek ICC Compliance