Above Sheathing Ventilation

March 30, 2018

Offering a new, patented, Above Sheathing Ventilation (ASV) Spacer Shim, is just one reason why ATAS is a leading manufacturer in the metal cladding industry.

Physics of Walls & Roofs:

  • Basics of Control Layers
  • Rain
  • Air
  • Vapor
  • Thermal
  • For complete control of air movement continuity of air barriers is critical at roof to wall connection

ATAS Spacer Shim:

  • Patent received
  • 3/8” thickness and stackable to achieve 3/4” airspace if desired
  • Highly engineered polymer aids in thermal transfer reductions
  • High heat resistance
  • Can reduce cooling costs and negate heating penalties associated with cool roof technologies
  • Can be used in both roof and wall applications