Two Valued Employees Retire from ATAS International, Inc.

Allentown, PA - Two long-time employees of ATAS International have retired.  Nancy Gregoris served as Credit Manager for the past 12 years, and Bob Goodhart was in Product and Process Development (Engineering Technology) for 13 years. 
During her time at ATAS, Gregoris administered the “Casual Cash for Charity” program.  Employees who choose to dress casually on Fridays contribute money to the fund, and periodically, that money is donated to a variety of charities.  Since the program’s inception in 2007, it has raised approximately $13,000.  In her role as Credit Manager for ATAS, she mentioned that she’s heard every excuse in the book for not paying, including (believe it or not), “my dog ate the check.”  Regarding her retirement, Gregoris states, “I am going to miss my co-workers.  It has been a pleasure and an honor to have worked (and played) with such a dedicated and caring group of people.”  She and her husband Denny will be retiring to Port Charlotte, FL and plan on exploring the USA by car, truck or camper. 
Upon his retirement, Goodhart said, “My career at ATAS has been filled with opportunities to work with talented people to solve problems, and that is what I will miss the most.  Fortunately, the friendships will endure.”  He recalled a memorable moment when he and Jim Bus, Vice President of ATAS, were in the process of commissioning the Advanta® Shingle production line; an automated line where painted steel feeds in at the entry end and finished shingles are delivered at the exit.  With two people packaging the shingles, the production rate is generally set so a finished part drops onto the conveyor belt every three seconds.  Bus was operating the controls and Goodhart was packaging.  Goodhart recalled “Things were going fairly smoothly at first, and then I began falling behind.  Soon there were parts piling up and scattered and sliding all over the place.  In a state of panic, I glanced toward Jim with a look of desperation, only to see him laughing at me.  He had been increasing the speed the whole time.  It was the classic episode of “I Love Lucy” in the candy factory.”  During his retirement, Goodhart plans to spend more time with family and friends, at the gym and traveling to interesting places.  He is also looking forward to many days of enjoyment and service at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Kempton, PA. 
Dick Bus, President of ATAS, said “Nancy and Bob will be missed.  Their contributions to the success of ATAS are greatly appreciated and we wish them the best in their retirement.”