PenumWall Introduced By ATAS; Complements InSpire Transpired Solar Collector


Allentown, Pa., — PenumWall, a structural wall panel offering design freedom for all building types, is a new versatile innovation from ATAS International, Inc. This design freedom is partly because the panel can be installed on solid substrate or spaced framing with a multitude of substrates and guages. This panel can also be installed either horizontally or vertically.

The look of PenumWall complements InSpire by ATAS. InSpire is a transpired solar collector that uses solar energy to heat metal wall panels, which then provide heated fresh air to a building. The concept of InSpire is to preheat outside air before it enters the building, lowering energy consumption and decreasing utility bills. It insulates buildings’ inner walls by shielding them from direct sunlight during the summer. InSpire also destratifies hot air treated at the ceilings of many industrial buildings, resulting in lower temperatures for air exhausted through the roof. InSpire, however, typically is installed just on a building’s southern-facing wall. “Many building owners or architects often wonder what to install on the building’s remaining three walls. PenumWall matches InSpire’s profile to create a cohesive building design,” said Jim Bush, vice president of sales for ATAS.

PenumWallPenumWall is 39 3/8-inch wide with 1 1/4-inch-high ribs. Panel lengths are cut to customer specifications, ranging from 6 feet to 40 feet. PenumWall is available in painted 0.032, 0.040 and 0.050 aluminum; painted 24-gauge metallic-coated steel; and 24-gauge 55 percent Al-Zn alloy coated steel with an acrylic coating.

It also is available by special order in 20- and 22-gauge metallic-coated steel, as well as 20- and 22-gauge 55 percent Al-Zn alloy coated steel with an acrylic coating.

There are 30 color options in a KYNAR 500 PVDF or HYLAR 5000 PVDF finish, and an anodized finish is available in Clear or Dark Bronze. The texture may be either smooth or stucco embossed.

PenumWall panels are virtually maintenance free with surface residue easily removed by conventional cleaning methods. Minor scratches may be touched up with a matching paint, available from ATAS.

“In addition to complementing InSpire, PenumWall’s architectural appeal cannot be denied,” Bush added. “The panel’s depth and repeat spacing create appealing shadow lines—in either vertical or horizontal configurations.”