New Color Chart Available from ATAS


Allentown, Pa. – ATAS International, Inc. released its new color chart while at METALCON International in Atlanta, Ga., from Oct. 11-13. Trade show visitors got the first chance to see how ATAS has expanded its color options for both roofing and wall panels.

“We reviewed the colors we were offering, and we saw that the architectural community often requested custom colors,” said Jim Bush, vice president of sales for ATAS. “The new options we now offer match some of the most-requested custom colors. This ultimately will cut down on lead times for our customers, which is very important to us at ATAS.”

The new color chart highlights ATAS’ color collections, including the Vivid Metallic, Pressman, Natural, Designer Color, Classic, Stellar, Metallic Jewel and Brilliant. ATAS also offers a variety of finishes. The Superior Finish System is a fluoropolymer two coat system that provides outstanding aesthetics and durability with a 0.2-mil primer and a 0.8-mil top coat; Enhanced Primer Superior Finish System adds an additional durability with a higher build 0.5-mil thick primer; Superior Plus Clear System takes the Superior Finish with an added 0.6-mil clear top coat; Superior Metallic System is a 0.2-mil primer system with a 0.8-mil top coat that provides a metallic appearance; Superior Metallic Plus Clear System is a 0.2-mil primer with a 0.8-mil top coat and a 0.6-mil clear coat to create a metallic finish with protection; and Vivid Metallic Finish is a 0.2-mil primer with a 0.8-mil base coat and a 0.8-mil top coat to create a dramatic shadowing effect.

“Architects and others in the construction industry have options when looking for metal panel manufacturers,” Bush explained. “ATAS recognizes this and strives to find different ways to meet our customers’ changing and expanding needs. This color chart with expanded color options is just one example of how we beat the competition.”