ATAS Takes Over at this year’s Ice Cream Wars!

Allentown, Pa.: January 27, 2015 

ATAS International, Inc. finished first in the Da Vinci Science Center’s Ice Cream Wars 7.0 competition January 10 in Allentown. The ATAS team capitalized on the recent popularity of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with team name - ‘Turtle Takeover’ and ice cream flavor - ‘Leonardo Da Minty’ which proved to be a crowd-favorite. The recipe combined mint ice cream and chocolate brownie, topped with a mint M&M candy. This is the third year ATAS has competed. Pictured from left are ATAS employees: Ivan Garcia, Patrick Reinhart, Kevin Klersy, Eric Samley, Peg Bus, Chris Grover, Wendi Kirchner, Pat Carl, and Anne Hicks.