ATAS Launches New Website

Allentown, Pa. Jan. 23, 2012: ATAS International, Inc. excitedly has launched a new website at www.atas.com. The site went live on Jan. 23. ATAS has revamped the site with a new look, updated content, additional features and revised tools. The new site was designed to improve functionality for customers, as well as to embrace ATAS’ green lifestyle.
“ATAS regularly examines business practices to determine how we can better serve our customers, be more efficient and operate as an even more sustainable company,” said Jim Bush, vice president of sales for ATAS. “With this new site, all ATAS literature and product information now is posted online. This makes it easier for customers to access the most-up-to-date information, but it also lessens the environmental impact of printed materials by ATAS.”
The greatest change for the site is users no longer have to register to see product details. Products have been divided into: roofs, walls, ceiling and soffit, mansards, equipment screens, accents, structural and accessories. Within each category, users can review specific products and uncover correlating CAD details, specifications, colors, code and testing information, technical data and photo galleries. A sustainable category also has been created for those who want to learn more about how ATAS operates as a green company and manufactures energy-efficient products.
“The website has been enhanced to create additional research opportunities for architects, contractors, building owners and anyone else interested in learning more about ATAS products,” Bush said. “All the details have been incorporated, and new project photos have been added so those in the construction industry can discover the variety of products and services offered by ATAS.”
The website also provides additional information about ATAS’ history, family-business philosophy and happenings. The ATAS pressroom and calendar can be perused to discover the latest changes and announcements. Within the company section, users also can find out how to take the ATAS AIA/CES seminars and participate in the successful ATAS sales training course called “Building Your Business With Metal Roofing.” ATAS warranties, SpecWriter, color charts, coil coating capabilities (through a sister company, Brightsmith Coil Coaters) and so many more tools are available at www.atas.com. The site map or search function offer guidance, but ATAS staff is just a click away through the contact page for anyone needing additional information.
Discover the new site at www.atas.com.