ATAS joins government and industry leaders as member of The Climate Registry


Allentown, Pa. – ATAS International, Inc. announced today that it has joined The Climate Registry, the leading voluntary greenhouse gas (GHG) registry in North America. A nonprofit group governed by states, provinces and tribes. The Registry helps organizations measure and reduce their GHG emissions.


“ATAS is demonstrating true environmental leadership by committing to report their carbon emissions in a public, transparent and credible way,” said Doug Scott, Chair of The Climate Registry and Chairman of the Illinois Commerce Commission. “Measuring your emissions is the critical first step to managing them and fostering new ways to reduce your carbon footprint – and your impact on the planet.”


ATAS manufactures roofing and wall panel systems for commercial and residential buildings with more than 20 profiles available in aluminum, steel, zinc and copper. Profiles are coated with a Kynar 500 PVDF or Hylar 5000 PVDF finish in 30 standard colors and custom finishes. ATAS also provides metal ceiling tiles, framing and accessories.


ATAS has embraced sustainability, beginning with its operations. Any equipment that needs maintenance is done so with energy-efficient components. For example, ATAS just replaced 400 watt metal halides in the shop with T5 high-output lights and, in the offices and hallways, T12 fixtures were replaced with T8 and T5 fixtures. Motion sensors were also installed in the shop. ATAS also has mandatory recycling programs in the office and shop; skids and other manufacturing materials are reused or repurposed; and non-biodegradable items, such as Styrofoam cups, may not be used at ATAS. On the manufacturing side, ATAS offers sustainable products that can improve the built environment. These include: cool roofing products that are ENERGY STAR qualified; InSpire, a transpired solar collector wall system that utilizes precision perforated metal panels to preheat ventilation air via solar energy; and ATA-Solar, a building integrated photovoltaic roof system. InSpire actually is installed on an ATAS facility in Allentown, Pa., to improve heating and cooling needs, as well as to reduce energy consumption.


“I am proud of the efforts employees have made to turn ATAS into a more energy-efficient company, both behind the scenes and in the products we offer,” said Dick Bus, president of ATAS. “I believe everyone has a responsibility to live a green lifestyle, personally and in business. By joining the Climate Registry, we are showing our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint beyond what we already have done.” 


About The Climate Registry

The Climate Registry is a non-profit organization that operates the only voluntary carbon footprint registry in North America supported by states, provinces, territories and tribes. The Climate Registry helps hundreds of public and private organizations measure, report and reduce their GHG emissions with integrity.


For more information please visit www.theclimateregistry.org.