ATAS offers four different metal standing seam roofing products; a snap on system, a mechanically field seamed system, a system with an integral lock and seam, and a positive-locking, one-piece metal roof standing seam system.
Two metal roof batten seam products are available; a snap on system and a system with an integral batten and seam.
Five metal shingle roof products are available; Bermuda style shake facsimile, wood style shake facsimile, a simulated dimensional shingle, a diamond shaped shingle and a standing seam shingle all with the benefits of metal roofing.
Three metal tile roof products are available; a stone coated metal tile, a scalloped Northern European style tile and an “S” or Spanish tile.
Many through fastened metal roof panel products are available; including various ribbed styles, “batten” and “standing seam” styles, and a plank and barn board style.
Four curved metal roofing profiles are available, including two mechanically seamed panel types, a corrugated panel and a ribbed panel with concealed fasteners.
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Reduce energy costs.
Improve indoor air quality. 
Achieve LEED Certification.